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Hanuman Chalisa History

Lord Hanuman is well known for his extreme devotion to Lord Rama. Lord Hanuman is always depicted in the Indian folklaire as an icon of true devotion and a symbol of the power of true devotion and chastity.
Lord Hanuman's devotion to Lord Rama is symbolic of the devotion of the enlightened individual soul towards the supreme soul.
Many stories from the Indian literature tell the tales of Lord Hanuman protecting devotees of Lord Rama and helping those who seek his either spiritually or otherwise. Swami Tulasidas has written these lines in respect of Lord Hanuman's great character, in praise of his powers and also devotion.

Hanuman Chalisa History:

Now Let’s See what the Intellectuals (Garjajev’s Research Group) got after Decoding the Lines of Hanuman Chalisa Written by Tulsidas
Hanuman Chalisa Distance between Earth Sun Interesting Facts & Fascinating Story of Hanuman Chalisa!

1 Yuga is 12000 years 

1 Sahastra is 1000 years 

1 Yojan is 8 miles 

Yuga X Shastra X Bhanu is par Bhanu 

12000 X 1000 X 8 = 96000000 miles 

1 mile is 1.6 km 

So, 96000000 X 1.6 = 1536000000 km 

This is the exact round figure distance of earth from Sun on 3rd July because studies mention the distance of 152,093,481 km from earth to sun during the aphelion (The period when earth is farthest from the Sun) 

Here’s An Interesting Story About Hanuman Chalisa!
Tulsidas Hanuman Hanuman Chalisa Interesting Facts & Fascinating Story of Hanuman Chalisa!

Tulsidas, the Author of Hanuman Chalisa had met the Immortal Hanuman Face to Face
Tulsidas at various places mentions his rendezvous with Lord Hanuman and Lord Rama. Bhaktirasbodhini of Priyadas mentions it clearly – Tulsidas every morning used to go out in the woods just outside of Banaras for his ablutions. After returning back the remaining water was fetched to a tree which was consumed by a spirit, whose thirst seems to be endless.

He was so happy with Tulsidas that he appeared and asked him for a boon. Tulsidas immediately expressed his desire to meet Shri Ram. Expressing his inability to arrange a meeting with Shri Ram, the spirit gave him the ticket to meet Hanuman. Yes, he told how Tulsidas can meet and approach Hanuman, the biggest Bhakt of Shri Ram. 
Next day, Tulsidas while doing his bhajan saw an old leper attending, he was not only first person to come but also the last one to leave. Tulsidas followed him and revealed the fact that he knew who he was. Lord Hanuman at first denied, but then came in his real form. This place where Tulsidas met Lord Hanuman is the same place where Sankat Mochan Temple finds his foundation now. 

By: Deepti Verma

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